ATS Virtual Road Trip Series

Join us as we travel around the country on our virtual road trip and visit industry experts who will share their insight and experience with us.  This on-going series will consist of numerous sessions that fall into one of three categories:

  • Road to Performance
  • In the Lab
  • The Basics

Road to Performance

The Road to Performance series is intended to take participants through the exciting adventure of mixture performance.  Pavement performance is like the tech industry; once you lose touch, it is hard to stay ahead of the curve or even worse, catch up!  

Typically people stay connected and gain insights to industry updates through in-person interaction at various meetings.  With virtual platforms being adopted as the new way to conduct our meetings, that interaction is lost.  Through this virtual road trip ATS team members will present different sessions with a group of industry experts to help keep our attendees updated.

Picture of sweeper on asphalt road

United States Map with ATS Jacksonville speakersWednesday, September 30th
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It seems like additives for asphalt are like apps for your phone.  Whatever you need, “there’s an app for that!”  Over the course of time there have been many hot topic additives that dominated conversations in meetings and research projects.  Then suddenly, either the additive became nationally accepted or it died off silently.  In this blast from the past session, Tanya Nash (ATS Pavement Materials Engineer)  and Phil Blankenship (Owner at Blankenship Asphalt Tech and Training) interview Gaylon Baumgardner, PhD (Senior Vice President, Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions, Inc., a subsidiary of Ergon, Inc. and Executive Vice President of Paragon Technical Services, Inc.) and John D’Angelo, PhD, P.E. (Chief Operating Officer, D’Angelo Consulting, LLC) as they revisit former hot topic items and additives and present a “where are they now?” overview.

Map of the USA for Asphalt Mix Design Variation Webinar TitleWednesday, October 28th
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Mix Design is where performance starts.  The design process is critical and has many components that work together to make a design that can be produced, laid down, compacted and perform.  We’ll visit Scott Quire, P.E. at Bluegrass Testing to review some of the different types of designs like FAA P-404, SMA, open-graded and raceway designs, and what sets them apart from each other.

Map of the USA for Asphalt Mix Performance Webinar TitleWednesday, December 16th
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Presentations Available:
Sammy Cooper
Barry Nunez

Asphalt mix performance is a hot topic since Performance Related Specifications (PRS) are high on the FHWA’s priority list for the states.  Join us for a trip to the bayou to visit with a state that has experience using the balanced mix design process for approval and has seen first-hand the effects of these designs from production to performance.   Barry Nunez and Sam Cooper III, PhD, P.E. will provide perspectives from both the asphalt contractor’s and owner’s points of view in this discussion.

Map of United States for National Update on Balanced Mix Design webinarWednesday, January 27th

Presentation Available:
Travis Walbeck, P.E. – National Update – BMD

“Performance, performance, performance…”  That seems to be all we hear these days when it comes to asphalt mix.  Tune in as we sit down with Travis Walbeck of NCAT who recently released the results of a national survey on the state of the state for balanced mix design.

Map of United States with Geoff Rowe and Tanya Nash for Asphalt Forensics webinar
Wednesday, February 24th
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Resources Available:
Volumetric Analysis Graph

It is great when everything is going well, but what happens when things do not go as planned?  We travel up the coast to speak with a veteran of the industry, Dr. Geoff Rowe, who has traveled the world investigating and troubleshooting asphalt material, construction and production issues as well as pavement failure.

Map of United States for Product Development webinar

Wednesday, March 24th
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Resources Available:
Questions & Answers from the Webinar

There always seems to be a new product being put into the asphalt.  Where do these come from?  How do these get evaluated?  Take a trip with us to Bluegrass country as we sit down with Phil Blankenship of BATT Lab to discuss the process of bringing a new product to market.

Map of United States for Building Better Roads with High Polymer Asphalts webinarWednesday, April 28th
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Resources Available
Gary Fitts Presentation
Questions & Answers from the Webinar

The use and success of highly modified asphalt binders can be found around the world.  From the bridge decks in the Chesapeake Bay and major highways in Oklahoma and Florida, to roads exposed to extreme conditions in India, HiMA (Highly Modified Asphalt) has shown its durability, processability and resilience translating to high performing roads with longer lifespans.  Grab your passports as we visit sites across the globe with Sebastian Puchalski and Gary Fitts of Kraton Performance Polymers to see real-world project results.

In the Lab

The In the Lab series is intended to take participants through different aspects of the testing and material management of an asphalt lab.  The sessions will highlight the importance of not just producing numbers, but producing numbers that are reliable, repeatable and reproducible.  Join ATS on a trip through some important concepts that are necessary for a testing lab to support the production and performance of the asphalt mix.

ATS Jacksonville DSR asphalt binder test

Map of the USA for Importance of Asphalt Quality Control and Quality Assurance Webinar Title

Thursday, October 8th
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There are several millions of tons of asphalt being produced every year.  Behind the scenes of that beautiful new pavement are the systems and people who ensure the asphalt mixture meets the criteria it was designed to meet.  Pack your bags and come with us to the West Coast as we discuss the importance of Quality Control and Quality Assurance with Rhonda Hale and Dr. Mary Stroup-Gardiner.

Tuesday, November 10th
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United States Map with ATS Jacksonville speakers

More and more, performance testing is becoming a household name like LG, Sony, & Toshiba.  But what do these manufacturers have in common with the asphalt world?  They all must be able to create and test a product to a performance standard that is repeatable and reproducible.  If every TV these companies produce does not come out the same, how can you have an industry standard to match? 

Asphalt performance tests are being evaluated throughout the country by agencies, asphalt contractors and researchers alike, and even though guidelines and test methods exist, they do not all provide uniform nor comprehensive direction for fabricating test specimens (making the product). 

ATS invites you to join the conversation with Dr. Jo Sias and Dr. Fan Yin as they discuss the nuances of sample preparation and the importance of establishing consistency nationwide as our states adopt and implement performance testing as part of their acceptance processes and specifications.

Map of the USA for Material Management & Handling Webinar Title

Thursday, January 14th 
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Presentation Available:
Dr. Adam Hand – Material Management & Handling

“It’s variable – you get what you get.”  This is a phrase you should not accept when dealing with materials.  Do not gamble on the quality of your mixture!  Proper handling, or improper handling, of your materials can make all the difference in your results.  Learn about the importance of proper material handling and characterization of your materials as we visit with Dr. Adam Hand.

Map of United States for Innovation and Automation webinarWednesday, May 12th
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Just set it and forget it!  As more innovation and technology enters our industry, is there a fully automated asphalt lab in our future?  The implementation and adoption of automation in construction has proven to be challenging.  The main concerns are the fear of falling short and not meeting expectations, the training and development of future employees for this technology and the integration of data to be transferable, compatible and acceptable for all parties.  Join the conversation with Stacy Glidden and learn how to overcome these challenges as well as how to implement innovation ideas in your work environment.

Basics Series

The Basics series is all about going back to our roots.  Let’s take a step back and review the basic building blocks of plant operations and construction processes.  ATS Jacksonville takes you on an adventure that includes looking at effective habits of successful producers, the basics of equipment operations and troubleshooting an issue like segregation.  We have invited some industry and manufacturing experts to talk us through the finer points of some of the basics we may have forgotten over the years.

ATS on jobsite with asphalt paver

Map of United States for How an Asphalt Plant and Paver Works webinarTuesday, June 29th
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So often civil and geotechnical engineers specify asphalt for projects but don’t always get the opportunity to learn about the production or paving process.  Go behind the scenes and follow the drone footage as two experts, TJ Young of Duval Asphalt and Steve McReynolds of Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering, explain the fundamentals of asphalt – how it’s made and how it’s laid.  Whether you are new to the industry or looking for a dynamic review, this session is a must-see for anyone working with asphalt.

Map of United States for 7 Habits of Highly Successful Producers and Pavers webinarTuesday, August 10th
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Resources Available
Tailgate Discussion Form

With so many variables going into the asphalt production and paving processes, it seems plant and paving personnel need to be good at juggling!  But let’s take a closer look; if we break down each process into seven habits, plant operators and paving crews can enjoy success of their operations 90% of the time.

Map of United States for SAPA Roundtable webinarWednesday, September 29th
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Balanced Mix Design.  Superpave5.  Performance Testing.  EPDs.  When new ideas and technologies make an appearance in our industry, how do industry representatives help moderate the conversation between owners and specifiers and contractors?  What tactics are used?  What hurdles are faced?  Join us and regional representatives as we reach a fork in the road on our virtual trip.  Depending on the state where you reside, which way do you go?

2022 Trips

ATS Virtual Road Trip on Map of United StatesTuesday, January 18th
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Resources Available
Troubleshooting Handout
The easiest way to find the source of your segregation problems is to “chase the problems backwards” in the operation. Join our experts as they walk you through the paving and production processes, backwards, to explain where to locate the source of segregation when you find it on your project.

Map of United States for National Balanced Mix Design webinarTuesday, March 22nd
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Resources Available
References from Presentation
**the link to the one pager doesn’t work directly, but if you copy and paste the link in your browser, it will work

It’s been a little over a year since our last update from Travis Walbeck of NCAT. Tune in to learn what advances states have made implementing performance testing. What criteria for testing has been developed? Which tests are most commonly used in performance testing? A lot can happen in a year…how much has happened in our industry?

Map of United States for Innovative Technology webinarWednesday, April 13th
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Our industry is constantly evolving and new products and technology are introduced daily. From an innovator/producer side, how does your product gain traction? From an agency/DOT side, how do you sift through all the products presented to you? Hear perspectives from from both sides, Trey Wurst from Ingevity and Matt Chandler from TDOT, and learn vital considerations when introducing new technologies to the industry.

Map of United States for Producing with High RAP webinarWednesday, June 15th
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Resources Available
Successful Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Asphalt Mixtures
— University of Nevada, Reno
Responsible Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Asphalt Mixtures

According to the 2020 NAPA Annual Survey the national average of RAP usage was 21.3%. Does that average seem high or low to you? What are the limits to producing high RAP? Where does the RAP come from? Is there a push to use more RAP in mixes? Join us as our panel covers state (Eric Biehl), association (Brett Stanton) and producer (Corey Pelletier) perspectives on all things RAP!

Map of United States for Asphalt Associations webinarWednesday, August 17th
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Listen in on the discussion between representatives from the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers (AMAP) and the Asphalt Institute (AI).

How do these associations educate and advocate for their members on hot industry topics like EPDs, BMD, sustainability efforts, legislative issues and more? In what ways do these groups work together to advance the industry as a whole? Tanya Nash will moderate the conversation between  Richard Willis (NAPA), Kevin McGlumphy (AMAP) and Chait Bhat (AI). Tune in and even join the conversation with members from the “Triple Threat” associations in the asphalt industry!

2023 Trips

ATS Virtual Road Trip - Warm Mix Asphalt Case Study Effects on Emissions and Fuel Consumption on Map of the United StatesThursday, March 23rd
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Resources Available:
Presentation | Richard Steger_Duval Asphalt Emissions Summary
Presentation | Steve McReynolds_Producing and Paving with WMA

NCHRP Report 779 | Field Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies
Evotherm M-1 EPD
FDOT Warm Mix Usage

Historically many warm mix asphalt studies were focused on the effects to binder, mix performance and pavement design. This case study showcases the difference in visual emissions and fuel consumptions when producing and paving with warm mix asphalt. Hear from a contractor’s perspective and supplier’s perspective when Steve McReynolds (Duval Asphalt) and Richard Steger (Ingevity) discuss the findings.