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Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering offers a variety of educational opportunities to professionals and students interested in or involved with asphalt and pavement materials.  Our team offers lunch and learn presentations, tours of our accredited asphalt lab and even help with science projects!

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ATS Jacksomville Asphalt Mix Designer Teaches Students

Learn How an Asphalt Plant Works!

Learn How Asphalt is Paved!



Steve McReynolds, ATS Director of Operations, has presented on numerous subjects in the asphalt industry.  With 20 years of industry knowledge and experience Steve is considered the “Asphalt Technical Expert” among peers.

His broad spectrum of construction knowledge (Threshold Engineering Inspection, Construction Site Environmental Inspection and CMEC Certified Concrete Cylinder Compression Strength) and extensive application of project specification requirements proves valuable when addressing questions about compliance regarding state and local government regulations.

Steve’s classes: Pavement Preservation, QC & QA Basics and Importance, The Evolution & Changes of Superpave Asphalt, CTQP Paving Level 1, CTQP Paving Level 2

Tanya Nash Pavement Materials Asphalt Engineer

Tanya Nash, P.E., ATS Director of Engineering, is nationally known for her dedication and contributions to the industry and a valuable resource to industry peers.  Tanya has served on many state and national committees and research projects expanding her knowledge in asphalt properties and characteristics.  Tanya’s experience to the vast uses and challenges of asphalt pavements and products worldwide along with her technical insight paired with her experience in research and field operations adds to her credibility among industry professionals.

Tanya’s classes: Pavement Preservation, Mixture & Binder Additives, The Future of Balanced Mix Design & Performance Testing, The Evolution & Changes of Superpave Asphalt, 100% RAP Roads, FAA Airfield Paving, What’s Wrong with my Pavement, CTQP Asphalt Plant Level 1, CTQP Asphalt Plant Level 2