Asphalt Testing Services

Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering provides services to asphalt producers and asphalt contactors, state and local governments, additive producers, binder suppliers and commercial property owners.  Whether you’ve been awarded a contract and need an asphalt quality control technician on your state or commercial paving job or you own or manage property and need investigative work completed or cracked asphalt on your parking lot, the team at ATS has the qualifications and experience to help!

Our performance testing lab and binder testing lab are AASHTO accredited and our quality control labs are CMEC accredited. Our lab and roadway specialists are certified by the FDOT through the Construction Training Qualification Program (CTQP).  We are a CTQP approved provider with CTQP approved instructors offering exams for Asphalt Plant Levels 1 and 2, Asphalt Paving Levels 1 and 2 and QC Manager.  Contact us to schedule an exam.

Devoted to a high-quality customer experience, ATS focuses on open communication and exceeding customers’ expectations with its professionalism and efficient services.  Our team members not only provide asphalt consulting services and testing on mix design and performance, they also conduct field observations to verify processes and compliance with asphalt specifications.  We provide insight into constructibility as well as environmental and costs impacts.

Our Process

Asphalt is produced in plant according to approved mix design specs.

HMA is tested in lab to ensure it meets performance standards

Asphalt is applied to project area at designated yield

Asphalt paving levels 1 & 2 techs monitor & report slopes, spread rates, core densities and any straightedge deficiencies

Upon project completion, final walk-through with project manager, quality control manager, and customer