Asphalt Testing Solutions

Test Methods & Services

ATS laboratories and technicians are FDOT and AASHTO materials certified.  Our technicians provide asphalt testing services for Marshall and Superpave mixes as well as material testing.  Some of these materials include binder testing and binder modification testing, bitumen testing, fibers testing, asphalt rejuvenators testing, chemical additives testing, anti-strips testing and warm mix additives testing.

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Bituminous Testing & Services
T 11 / T 27C 117 / C 136FM 1-T 011 Mechanical Sieve Analysis
T 37D546  Mechanical Sieve Analysis of Mineral Filler
T 134   Moisture Content
T 304   Fine Aggregate Angularity
T 335D5821  Coarse Aggregate – Fracture Faces (1 face / 2 faces)
 D4791  Flat & Elongated
T 176D2419  Sand Equivalence (Soil & Aggregate)
T 84C128FM 1-T 084 Specific Gravity – Fine Aggregate
T 85C127FM 1-T 085 Specific Gravity – Coarse Aggregate
T 304C1252  Uncompacted Voids – Fine
T 326   Uncompacted Voids – Coarse
T 112C142  Clay Lumps & Friable Particles
T 96C131FM 1-T 096 LA Abrasion
  FM 5-510 Acid Insolubles
T 104C88  Soundness Testing
Aggregate Breakdown, Batching & Mixing
T 30  D5444 FM 1-T 030 Mechanical Sieve Analysis of Extracted Aggregate (HMA)
T 166 D2726 FM 1-T 166 Bulk Specific Gravity, Gmb (no prep, loose mix, lab mix)
T 331 D6752 Bulk Specific Gravity, Gmb by Core Lok
T 209 D2041 FM 1-T 209 Maximum Specific Gravity, Gmm (loose mix, breakdown, lab mix)
D6857 Maximum Specific Gravity, Gmm by Core Lok
T 269 D3203 Air Voids
D6752 / D6857 Air Voids by Core Lok
T 308 D6307 FM 5-563 Asphalt Content by Ignition Oven
T 308 D6307 FM 5-563 Ignition Oven Calibration
T 195 D2489 Particle Coating
T 305 D6390 EN 12697-B Draindown
FAA P-404 Kerosene Fuel Resistance
Shell Method Diesel Resistance (28 days)
D1074 Marshall Compression Strength
R 35(8) X 2 Gyration Ratio
TP 114 FM 5-599 Bond Strength Testing
TP 124 Intermediate Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) – I-FIT
D8044 Intermediate Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) – LSU
D8225 IDEAL-CT (no prep, loose mix, lab mix)
D3549 Roadway Cores Weights & Measures
T 324 TEX-242-F Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test (HWT) (no prep, loose mix, lab mix)
T 340 Asphalt Pavement Analyzer (APA) (no prep, loose mix, lab mix)
TEX-248-F Overlay Test
T 312 D6925 Superpave Gyratory Compaction (w/ Gmb)
Gmm / Burn & Grade
R68 D6926 Marshall Compaction
T 245 D6927 Marshall Stability & Flow
D6931 Indirect Tensile Strength (IDT) (no prep, loose mix, lab mix)
TP 105 Low Temperature SCB
FM 5-565 Asphalt Permeability – Falling head
D7369 Resilient Modulus / Structural Number Coeff.
T 378 Dynamic Modulus, E* (1 temp., 1 frequency)
R84 Dynamic Modulus Master Curve
T 378 HMA Flow Number (with prep)
The UF Method SP Indirect Tension (IDT) UF Fracture Energy
T 322 Thermal Cracking (3 temperatures)
D7313 Disc-Shaped Compact Tension (DCT) @ 1 temp.
T 321 Beam Fatigue @ 1 temp. / 1 frequency
T 164(A) D2172(A) FM 5-524 Centrifuge Extraction / Reflux Extraction
D5404 D7906 FM 3-D5404 Rotovap Recovery
TP 108 NZTA Rpt 265 Cantabro Mass Loss
T 164(10) / T 165 D1074/D1075 Effect of Water on Cohesion of Marshall Mix
T 182 D3625 Stripping Evaluation by Boil Test
VTM-13 VDOT Stripping Evaluation
T 283 D4867 FM 1-T 283 Stripping Evaluation by TSR
FM 5-508 FDOT Effectiveness of Anti-Strip Additives
M320 / M332 D6373 Performance Grade Verification
M320 / M332 Recovered PG Verification
Section 916 FDOT PG with Delta Tc
R 29 D7643 Performance Grade Determination
M320 / M332 D7643 Recovered PG Determination
T 350 D7405 Multiple Stress Creep Recovery (MSCR)
T 49 D5 Penetration
T 316 D4402 Asphalt Binder – Rotational Viscosity
T 316 D4402 Mixing & Compaction Temperatures (2 Temps)
T 316 D4402 Viscosity Blending Chart (5 Temps)
T 240 D2872 Rolling Thin Film Oven & Mass Loss
R 28 Pressure Aging Vessel (20 Hours)
T 73 D93 Flash Point – PMCC
T 228 D70 Specific Gravity @ 25C
D2042 Solubility in TCE
T 313 D6648 Creep Stiffness – BBR (w/out and w/ aging)
T 59 pH
T 301 FTIR Polymer content
FAA P-632 Emulsified Asphalt Spray Seal Coat Testing (Airports)
T 47 D6 Loss on Heating – Binder, Emulsion, Coal Tar
T 111 D2939 (10) Ash Content (Mineral Content)
T 59 (7) FM 1-T059 Emulsion Residue Content by Evaporation
T 315 D7175 Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR)
T 202 D2171 Absolute Viscosity
M 323 / R35 MS-2 Superpave Asphalt Mix Design
R 35 MS-2 Volumetric Calculations
MS-2 Marshall Asphalt Mix Design
PP 77 D7064 NCHRP Rpt 877 OGFC / PFC Mix Design
R 46 D6390 SMA Mix Design
ATS Mix Design Verification @ optimum
MS-14 Cold In-Place Recycling Design
per requirements Cold Patch Design
Superpave Asphalt Mix Design – Revision
ATS Inspection Travel (mileage and professional time)
D5361 Preliminary Roadway Coring
FM 5-509 Rolling Straightedge
FIELD Services
QC / QA Level 1 Plant or Roadway QC/QA Technician/Inspector (density monitoring, roadway coring & cross slope measurement)
QC / QA Level 2 Plant or Roadway QC/QA Technician/Inspector (yield measurements, rolling straightedge & project documentation)
QC / QA Levels 1 & 2 Plant or Roadway QC/QA Technician/Inspector (all of the above)
ATS Engineer, P.E. Review, Analysis and Report
ATS Project Manager / Visual Inspection
ATS Administrative Oversight
ATS Review, Analysis and Report
ATS Engineering Analysis Report (EAR) – Testing
ATS Engineering Analysis Report (EAR) – Review, Analysis and Report
ATS Expert Witness / Litigation Support
ATS Sign & Seal Report