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About Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering

There are three asphalt quality control labs and are managed and staffed by Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering personnel.  They provide independent asphalt testing and evaluation, site inspections, asphalt quality control and quality assurance, project management and asphalt engineering services.  The ATS Mix Design Lab provides customized balanced mix designs including Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) – Superpave, Marshall and FAA, Cold In-Place Recycling Material (CIR), Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) and Warm Asphalt Mix (WMA).  The ATS Asphalt Performance Testing Lab focuses on asphalt binder testing, aggregate testing, asphalt performance testing to predict cracking and rutting potential of asphalt mixtures using Hamburg Wheel Tracking (HWT) or Asphalt Pavement Analyzer (APA) and asphalt additive testing.

Our Performance Lab is AASHTO Accredited and our Asphalt Quality Control labs are CMEC Accredited.  Our technicians are qualified through the FDOT Construction Training Qualification Program (CTQP) and are actively evaluated through the FDOT Independent Assurance (IA) program.  We provide CTQP certification classes for Asphalt Plant Level 1 and Asphalt Plant Level 2, Asphalt Paving Level 1 and Asphalt Paving Level 2.

All Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering equipment is calibrated as required daily, weekly, monthly or annually, both internally and through third party services to verify they are all in proper working condition.

It is important to look for an accredited asphalt lab for your service needs because you can be assured your results will be reliable and accurate.  To endure minimal risk and to avoid retesting (which can be very expensive), it is critical you understand the lab’s technical competency.  This depends on the qualifications, training and experience of the staff, the properly calibrated and maintained equipment and adequate quality assurance and quality control procedures.  The lab should abide by appropriate testing and sampling practices, traceable measurements to national standards, accurate recording and reporting of data and the appropriate testing environment. See the full list of tests we perform.  We complete volumetric testing, asphalt performance testing and evaluations for asphalt mixtures and binders.

Our director of operations, lab managers, pavement materials engineer and numerous lab technicians have tenure at the Florida DOT and maintain good relationships with District Materials Offices and the State Materials Office.  They possess technical knowledge and experience with state projects including supervision of VT’s contracted to these projects.  Our team members have proven records of contract and asphalt specifications expertise to understand our customers’ needs and provide answers to unknowns.

ATS believes its people are the keys to its success.  Building a team whose members possess reputable accolades, professional experience, customer-focused work ethic and a passion to continually improve processes and productivity is vital to the company’s strategic growth and overall success.  It is our policy to work with all members of our team in a fair and friendly manner and to treat each team member with dignity and respect.  We strive to improve the quality of life for anyone who uses asphalt in his or her professional or personal lives; from commuting to work to road-tripping with family and friends or simply hearing the echo of your footsteps on your morning jog.  The products we test and projects we assess for our customers lead to the creation and continuous improvement of smooth, safe rides for all.

ATS Lab technician calibrating mechanical sieves

Brand History

Imagine driving down any asphalt road – a major highway, a small-town road, even your driveway.  You expect a smooth, quiet ride.  The quality of the asphalt relies on a qualified team testing and inspecting the asphalt during construction; ensuring it meets all identified requirements.  When the asphalt does not meet these conditions, it is valuable to the asphalt producer and asphalt contractor to have a knowledgeable team at the lab and on the roadway who can provide expert advice on how to adjust production or modify the construction process to get it back on track.

Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering was born when a team of individuals with prestigious reputations in the industry came together to combine their experience to provide consultative and technical advice providing strategic problem solving with a variety of solutions to asphalt producer and end users.

ATS is a young company, but the individuals who comprise the team have years of experience in the industry.  It is our philosophy to focus on our people since they bring our brand to life in the labs and out in the field every day.  Many of our team members have tenure with the Florida DOT so they are extremely familiar with state asphalt specifications and requirements.  They maintain strong relationships with several District Offices and the State Materials Office.

The ATS team members understand the importance of quality, which is one of the company’s core values.  It is important to have a reliable source when you have questions about asphalt, whether it is concerning community roads or cracked asphalt or regarding new innovation and product approval or asphalt specifications, and ATS strives to build partnerships with its customers as the trusted source for all asphalt inquiries.


Our purpose is to provide our customers with professional asphalt testing, custom balanced mix designs and asphalt engineering services in our accredited asphalt labs and in the field.  We provide these services through trained and educated personnel and maintained and calibrated equipment that is compliant with accrediting bodies’ specifications and procedures.  We develop long-term relationships with our customers by ensuring we provide accurate test results with prompt reporting and educated technical consulting.

No one enjoys sitting in traffic.  The truth is, asphalt roads do not last forever and construction, whether it be small repairs for cracked asphalt or a full mill and repave, is inevitable.  The team at ATS partners with industry professionals to develop and test ways to extend the life and performance of asphalt pavements to minimize the amount of inconvenient construction.  Read some of our case studies regarding our recent projects here.

“To be the trusted partner and reliable resource for all your asphalt testing and engineering solutions.”
Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering Mission Statement



Our company’s foundation is built on our team members’ reputations of reliability and expertise.  We value open communication, and we are honest and fair.  We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, keep our word, deliver on our promises and take ownership of our mistakes.  We will not compromise our employees, customers or company.


Our team members perform each task with purpose, pride and a customer service attitude.  We are passionate about our work and conduct continuous research and training to proactively find solutions for our clients, contribute to our industry and further personal professional development.


We take pride in providing exceptional services that exceed our customers’ expectations.  Providing a high standard of quality services including quality control, quality assurance and quality asphalt engineering is the focal point of our operations.  We are dedicated to having the right people and the right equipment in place to ensure each project is a superior experience for our customers.


Backed by our team members’ experience and reputations in the industry we are a trusted partner and reliable source for all asphalt testing and asphalt engineering solutions.  Our team members keep a pulse on industry trends, advances and changes through their participation in technical committees and associations.

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