Asphalt Emulsion Testing

The ATS Binder Lab is AASHTO accredited and provides an array of asphalt binder and emulsion testing services. These test are completed for quality control of materials as well as for research and development projects.

Whether you are a contractor needing independent testing or an emulsion supplier looking for a COA, our experienced technicians are on site to guide you through the process.

COAs / Referee Testing

The ATS binder lab technicians can provide a certificate of analysis (COA) for the asphalt emulsion to include full-specification testing results. COAs are typically required by the emulsion supplier to ensure and verify the supplied product meets target specifications enforced by transportation agencies to meet a given project’s requirements.

COAs are essential for several reasons:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Performance Verification
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Traceability
  • Dispute Resolution

ATS technicians can provide COAs based on national or international specification requirements or based on a customized specification table.

Tests that may be included are:


AASHTO T 44ASTM D2042Solubility in Trichloroethylene
AASHTO T 59ASTM D977 / D2397Saybolt Viscosity
AASHTO T 59ASTM D6930Storage Stability
AASHTO T 59ASTM D6933Sieve Test
AASHTO T 59ASTM D6997Distillation Residue
AASHTO T 315ASTM D7175Dynamic Shear Rheometer
asphalt emulsion testing

Mix Support / Forensics

When things don’t go as planned or there is a failure at the roadway, how do you know where to start to diagnose the issue? Is there raveling? Bleeding? Premature cracking or rutting? Our team of professionals can perform testing in the lab as well as complete forensic analysis on the road to pinpoint the problem area and recommend solutions. We also provide consulting work to formulate emulsions.

Product Development / Market Intro

Do you have a new product or technology you want to test in real world settings? Our binder lab is located on an asphalt plant’s property, so we have the capability to run research mixes through the plant for real world testing and handling. Let us find champions for your products; our relationships with state departments and contractors are valuable to connect you with the right teams.

  • Concept Testing
  • Formulation
  • Product Optimization for Cost and Performance
  • Mix – in the lab versus at the plant
  • Field Performance

Are you new to the asphalt industry and not sure where your product fits in the market? We can help! Our customized Asphalt Industry Workshop familiarizes you with the asphalt industry and how to position your product in the market. Email of our Director of Engineering, Tanya Nash, for more details.

Emulsion lab technician securing distillation apparatus

Our Process

1. Initial Consultation
When you contact us for asphalt emulsion testing, you’ll speak with our Binder Lab Manager to discuss the job and project needs. Once we fully understand your job requirements, we’ll present a detailed proposal that outlines the work and corresponding costs.

2. Send Product Samples
Ship us your emulsion or additive samples for us to begin the work.

3. Reporting
Our team will review detailed reports with your from the project.

4.Next Steps
Based on your project and test results, our experts will recommend steps moving forward.

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