Asphalt Testing Solutions

Commercial & Private Work

Quality Control

Asphalt Manufacturing

Quality Control is the responsibility of the contractors and is in place to show they provide quality products with results for acceptance. ATS technicians can assume this responsibility and will test the asphalt as it is produced to ensure the end product meets state or customer specifications. The process may include:

  • Properly collecting samples from the trucks immediately following load-out
  • Monitoring actual mixing temperature of the plant
  • Verifying liquid asphalt content
  • Identifying volumetric properties of compacted asphalt specimens and the specific gravity of the asphalt mix
Sampling asphalt for quality control

Asphalt Installation

During construction ATS technicians run testing on asphalt as it is placed in the field. The process may include:

  • Verifying proper rolling patterns are employed
  • Monitoring roadway temperatures
  • Calculating tack, dilution and spread rates
  • Checking density after asphalt paver lays the asphalt mix and after each roller passes
  • Cutting core samples to check for actual density results
  • Ensuring acceptable quality practices are followed
Cutting a core sample for testing

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the continued evaluation of planning, design, and the development of plans and specifications to provide confidence that the product or facility will perform to standards.  This is provided through an unbiased, independent review of all operations, procedures, and equipment used in the Quality Control process. This is achieved by:

  • Observing and inspecting procedures during production and placement
  • Split sample testing
  • Evaluating performance and qualifications of the technicians
  • Verifying equipment is calibrated and in proper working condition
  • Conducting project oversight
  • Reviewing reports and results for accuracy per the project’s requirements
An asphalt engineer verifying the quality of asphalt testing results.

Asphalt Consulting

When you know it is time to give your parking lot or roads some attention but aren’t quite sure where to start, we can help prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) for you. Our technical writers will then compose an RFP for you to send to qualified vendors. 

Roadways, runways and parking lots are expensive assets. Not asking for the right product makes them even more expensive. Receiving a long-lasting pavement begins with a thorough evaluation and ends with good construction. To help ensure that you are receiving the best product, allow our in-house professional engineer and experienced specialists to assist you in any of the pavement service lifecycle. 

Pavement Evaluation + Action Plan + Specification + Project Management = Performance Pavement 

ATS offers cradle-to-grave services that include consulting on new technologies to troubleshooting failures.

We can help with:

  • RFP Development and Assistance
  • Pavement Evaluations (new, maintenance, forensic)
  • Pavement Management Plans
  • Asphalt Mix Specification Development
  • Project Oversight (QC/QA)
  • Inspection & Testing Services
  • Litigation Support / Expert Testimony
Pavement Materials Engineer Tanya Nash consults asphalt contractor during paving

Engineering Analysis

If there is an issue with your asphalt, whether it’s in real time as it leaves the plant or years later, our in-house professional engineer can conduct a thorough analysis of your roadway or parking lot. If the issue is a material failure at the plant, we can analyze the project data to determine which areas need to be addressed.  

If there is a deficiency with your asphalt later in its life cycle, our professional engineer can complete a forensic investigation to diagnose the problem and provide options to correct the issue. 

There are times when an Engineering Analysis Report (EAR) is required. Typically, this occurs when a material or product is non-compliant. If this happens, our team of experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your material or product and determine possible causes of non-compliance:

  • Scope of Work
  • Develop testing plan
  • Testing, Analysis and Reports
  • Professional recommendations
Engineering analysis results on a computer screen

Asphalt Mix Design

The certified Mix Designers at ATS incorporate the correct mix components for the most costeffective mix designs to support our customers’ needs. Including Superpave, Marshall, FAA, CIR, FDR, Preservation and WMA mix designs, our team has produced over 1000 approved designs. Over the years mix design has evolved from a simple recipe approach to a more detailed analysis procedure and our designers and technicians will test the designs to ensure the proper volume of air voids and asphalt binder are mixed for stability and durability.

Through balanced mix design we use performance testing to address multiple modes of distress relating to asphalt mix aging, traffic, climate and location within the pavement’s structure.

Pouring asphalt mix components into a bowl