Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering

Meet the Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering Team

The ATS team has combined experience working in numerous positions from Bituminous Manager to Independent Verification Inspector. Our technicians are certified in Asphalt Plant Level 1 & Level 2, Asphalt Paving Level 1 & Level 2, QC Manager and Asphalt Mix Designer.

Steve McReynolds

Director of Operationsr
Steve McReynolds, ATS Jacksonville Director of Operations

Tanya Nash

Pavement Materials Engineer
Tanya Nash, Pavement Engineer

Steve brings his 20 years of industry knowledge and experience to ATS. Considered the “Asphalt Technical Expert” as the District 5 Bituminous Coordinator and District 2 Bituminous Manager during his tenure with the FDOT, he is known for his consultative and technical advice which provides strategic problem solving with a variety of solutions.

His broad spectrum of construction knowledge (Threshold Engineering Inspection, Construction Site Environmental Inspection and CMEC Certified Concrete Cylinder Compression Strength) and extensive application of project Specification requirements ensures ATS customers are always compliant with state and local government regulations.

In addition to his CMEC certifications (Asphalt Plant Levels 1 & 2, Asphalt Paving Levels 1 & 2, Mix Design and QC Manager), Steve adds an Applied Associates in Business Administration from Jefferson State College and Certified Public Manager from Florida State University to his credentials.

In his free time, Steve coaches youth baseball and enjoys fishing and camping.

Nationally known for her dedication and contributions to the industry, Tanya is a reputable addition to the ATS team. Throughout her 18 years in the industry she served on many state and national committees and research projects expanding her knowledge in asphalt properties and characteristics nationwide. Exposure to international specifications and test methods led Tanya to experience the vast uses and challenges of asphalt pavements and products worldwide. 

Tanya was instrumental in the development of PG Binder Specifications for recycled materials as well as the QC program for Florida’s Asphalt Liquid Suppliers. She was also involved in the development of an alternate binder specification making ground tire rubber and polymer modified binders a market driven product. 

Tanya was also a driving force in the development and maintenance of the Florida DOT’s Asphalt Construction Data Management System. Her technical insight paired with her experience in research and field operations provides ATS customers with meticulous reporting after completing site investigations and forensic analysis cases. 

Tanya graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Science & Biomechanics and a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering. When she’s not at work Tanya enjoys training in Martial Arts and playing soccer with her husband and daughter.  Her bucket list includes “traveling around the world to find that perfect craft beer.”

Derek Bennett

Quality Assurance Roadway Manager
Asphalt Quality Assurance Roadway Manager Derek Bennett

Dawson Padgett

Dawson Padgett Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering Performance Lab Manager

John Holton

Quality Assurance Lab Manager
John Holton ATS Jacksonville Quality Assurance Lab Manager

Derek has spent ten years in the industry as a roadway and plant inspector and is certified in CTQP Asphalt Plant Levels 1 and 2 and CTQP Asphalt Paving Levels 1 and 2.  He has worked for ATS since its inception.  “I have seen it grow from three employees to a whole team of highly skilled professionals.”

Prior to working in the asphalt industry, Derek was active in promoting American roots music around the Jacksonville Beach area working with local and internationally touring bands.  When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his amazing wife Amanda and their three daughters.

Dawson began his career in the asphalt industry as a Performance Lab Technician at ATS Jacksonville and now manages the operations of the Performance Lab. 

Dawson’s experience managing multiple projects simultaneously brings great value to this role, as does his experience testing and analyzes a multitude of research projects for ATS customers over the years. 

When Dawson is not at work, he likes to spend time with his family, build and race cars and go fishing.

After serving our country for 22 years in the United States Marine Corps, John began his career in the asphalt industry. He has held numerous positions including Verification Technician, Verification Coordinator, Quality Control, Independent Verification and Bituminous Production Coordinator. 

John is certified in QC Manager, Asphalt Paving Levels 1 & 2 as well as Asphalt Plant Levels 1 & 2. He spent 14 years in the industry, most recently working for the Florida Department of Transportation, and brings his knowledge and experience to ATS. 

John remembers his first job when he was just a kid. “On the weekends my mom and I would drive around with the lawn mower looking for yards that needed to be cut. From there I built my customer base and had lawns scheduled to cut every weekend!” 

When John isn’t working he enjoys spending time with his grandkids.

David Bone

Laboratory Specialist

David, better known as T-Bird, has been sharing his talents with the asphalt industry for over 25 years. He started as a Ground Man, shoveling and cleaning, and since then added Loader Operator, Ticket Writer, Plant Operator, Plant Foreman, Truck Foreman, Lab Technician and Mix Designer to his resume. 

Before he joined the asphalt industry, T-Bird worked in hay fields, baling and loading hay. No stranger to hard work, he has since earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Zoology and is certified in Asphalt Levels 1 & 2 as well as Mix Design.

In his downtime, T-Bird enjoys riding his Harley and spending quality time with his family.


Art Chancey

Asphalt Roadway Specialist



After attending college, Art began his career in the road construction industry.  His experience over the past seven years covers asphalt paving, earthworks and concrete.  Art is CTQP certified in Paving levels 1 & 2.



Alex Coleman

Performance Lab Technician


Since 2013, Alex has worked in multiple positions in the asphalt industry.  He started as a laboratory technician and then a senior field technician.  Alex now brings his experience to ATS working in the Performance Lab as a Performance Lab Technician.


Chase Harris

Asphalt Roadway Specialist
Chase Harris Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering Asphalt Roadway Specialist

Chase is brand new to the asphalt industry.  After earning his Associated Degree in Business Administration, Chase took it upon himself to get his Asphalt Paving Level 1 certification.  Chase enjoys working outside on the paving projects, and when he’s not at work, you can fine him spending time with friends and family, playing pool or cooking.

Sam Jarrard


Sam is new to the asphalt industry but looking forward to learning and developing his career in the ATS Performance Lab.  He is a certified National Registry EMT and prior to joining the ATS team he was assigned medical coverage over 1st Infantry Division in Poland.  When he’s not at work Sam enjoys spending time with his friends.

Mike Jowers

Laboratory Specialist

Mike started his career in the asphalt industry as a quality control lab technician three years ago.  He enjoys it and has been certified in both CTQP Plant Levels 1 & 2.

Shawna Kovacs

Admin Support Specialist

Although Shawna is fairly new to the paving world, she brings over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.  She has worked in an administrative role in building remodels, new construction and restaurants.  She’s carried her strong work ethic with her from her very first job at Ryan’s Steak House; she was promoted from hostess to head waitress in just two weeks!

Poor Shawna was trapped in the back offices when she first came to work at ATS.  “I didn’t have the code to get out, and I didn’t know anyone’s extension to call for help!”  There was a nasty thunderstorm outside at this time, so she had to wait for the storm to stop or someone to find her.  About 30 minutes later, an employee walked by and was able to let Shawna out!

This self-proclaimed “big kid” enjoys surfing with her family and traveling to foreign countries when she’s not at work.

Lyronda Major

Performance Lab Technician

Lyronda joins the ATS team with six years’ experience testing gasolines and diesels.  Three of those years she spent testing in the asphalt industry.  Having spent a great deal of time in lab environments, Lyronda transitioned easily to the ATS team.  While she was working at her last company, Lyronda recalls checking on the lab after Hurricane Irma came through the area.  “While walking into the lab, I saw a huge rat scurry across the floor and my heart dropped!  I almost jumped up on the lab bench!”

When Lyronda isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her kiddos.  She loves taking them to new places, and she also loves collecting Hot Wheelz cars!

Stephen Mcintyre

Stephen Mcintyre Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering Quality Control Techninian

Stephen joins the ATS team with almost 20 years’ experience in the asphalt industry, the majority of that time as a QC Manager working on FDOT jobs.  Most recently he worked as a Project Engineer on both private and state jobs, working with subcontractors and project managers.  He holds multiple certifications including Paving Levels 1 & 2, Plant Levels 1 & 2, QC Manager, Earth Works Levels 1 & 2, Storm Water, Advanced MOT and Nuclear Gauge.

Stephen served our country in the US Navy, and when he’s not working, he enjoys fishing on his boat and spending time with his daughter.  And if it’s Sunday, you can find him at church!

David McNabb

Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering

“I didn’t pick asphalt for a career, asphalt picked me,” David said.  He began his career in the asphalt industry in 1996.  At this time his wife was pregnant, and he needed a job with insurance.  It was meant to be a temporary position, but “25 years later, here I am.”


Before his career in the industry, David had a job where he wore a shirt and tie to work every day.  “I don’t miss those days,” he said.  He earned his Associates degree in Business from Hiwassee College and his Bachelor of Science in Business from Tennessee Wesleyan University.  He has worked in numerous positions in the asphalt industry from laborer to QC technician to mix designer.  He is certified in Plant Level 1, QC Manager and Mix Designer.  He was a mix designer in Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.


When David isn’t working he enjoys going to church, real estate and college football (Go Vols!).  He loves cars and has a ‘72 El Camino, an ‘87 El Camino SS, and a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT which he claims is his mid-life crisis car!

Tracy Moore

Asphalt Roadway Specialist


Tracy has been working in the asphalt industry for over 30 years!  She is certified in CTQP Paving Level 1 & 2.  “When I was initially hired in the industry, the superintendent bet on how long I would last.  Well, thirty-two years later…!”


Corbett Reynolds

Asphalt Roadway Specialist

For over 30 years Corbett has been a key player in the asphalt industry, working as a Field Technician and Field Services Director out on the roads. He started his career with Cal-Tech Testing in 1986 and now brings his experience and talent to ATS. He currently holds Asphalt Paving Levels 1 & 2 certifications and has earned Earthwork Levels 1 & 2, ACI Concrete Field Testing, FDOT Concrete Field Inspector, Nuclear Safety and Qualified Sampler Technician certifications in the past. 

Corbett’s drive and work ethic dates back to when he was just 15 years old. He earned his GED at this time and went out in the world to work on a cattle ranch in south Texas where he grew up. He worked for the famous Bum Philips (former head coach of the Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints). 

When he’s not working, Corbett loves spending time with his family and friends. He loves to bow hunt deer, fish benefit tournaments and ride the trails with Jeeps and 4-wheelers. Before he and his wife had their son, he was a semi-professional fisherman in the Red Man and FLW tournaments!

Molly (Soltis) Berry

Marketing & Business Development
Molly Berry ATS Jacksonville Marketing

Molly earned her advertising degree from Marquette University and has been in marketing roles in various industries throughout her career. She joined the Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering team about three years ago with no experience in the asphalt industry and has embraced all opportunities to learn more about it. She spent her first year working in the lab and on the roadway to get hands-on experience and is certified in Asphalt Paving 1 & 2, Asphalt Plant 1 & 2, Mix Design and Intermediate MOT. “Taking time to apply the skills and knowledge I learned to get certified in the lab and in the field definitely helps me in my current position!”

When she’s not at work, she enjoys traveling, golfing, going to concerts and cheering on her Wisconsin teams.

Swathi Theeda

Asphalt Binder Engineer

Swathi is the Asphalt Binder Engineer at ATS, responsible for overseeing and developing a fully accredited asphalt binder lab. She is also responsible for consulting with existing and potential clients to provide critically thought-out solution paths as well as spearheading research and development of new and existing products and identifying possible growth opportunities.

Prior to ATS Swathi worked as R&D Engineer with Blacklidge Emulsions Inc. where she developed and led research projects in the pursuit of new and innovative premium asphalt and related products. In addition, she also provided technical support during product introduction or post-use by the customers, troubleshooted technical issues and provided resolution paths whenever applicable.

Swathi received her master’s in civil engineering from Texas A&M University with focus on construction materials, specifically asphalt materials, and bachelor’s in civil engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) with primary focus on cement concrete materials.

During her graduate work, she was part of an effort to implement a chip seal binder specification in the state of Texas while she pursued research work on various concrete technologies during her undergraduate studies.

When she is not working with asphalt, you can find her doing CrossFit or hiking in one of the national parks or creating new art pieces/DIYing around the house!

Darrell VanBrocklin

Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering

From his early high school days working at Dominics Pizza and being scouted at Kona Skate Park, Darrell has been working in the asphalt industry for the past five years.  He is new to the ATS performance lab, but previously, he was a hands-on distributor operator working out in the field with the paving crews.  Now he is looking forward to learning the testing side of the industry in the lab.

When he’s not working, Darrell enjoys hiking, camping, joyriding on a motorcycle and playing video games with his friends.


In loving memory of Bucky McDaniel…

On December 28, 2018, we lost Bucky, a beloved member of our team.  He was our friend, favorite FSU fan, chef, our steady source of encouragement, animal lover and confidant.  We are honored to have known him and be a part of his world.  We will miss him dearly.