Asphalt Quality Control

Let us assume the responsibility of asphalt quality control (QC) for your next asphalt job. At ATS we rigorously test the asphalt at the plant as it is produced as well as on the roadway as it is paved. Whether your asphalt job is a government (city, county, state), commercial or private job, our asphalt quality control services ensure your asphalt meets all required standards and specifications.

Paving the Way for Quality Asphalt

Asphalt quality control is about more than just checking a box. QC ensures the longevity and safety of asphalt pavements.

Our Asphalt QC Service ensures asphalt producers and asphalt contractors can be worry-free in the areas of:

  • Meeting project specifications
  • Calculating tack, dilution and spread rates
  • Monitoring rolling patterns
  • Achieving proper density
  • Cutting asphalt core samples to check for actual density results
  • Ensuring acceptable quality practices are followed
ATS QC Roadway Tech using measuring wheel on new pavement while holding a level straightedge

We've Got Your Asphalt Quality Control Covered

True asphalt quality control takes a multilayered approach. That’s why we provide the asphalt quality control technicians in the lab and on the road to ensure the asphalt is produced and paved to meet all quality specifications and requirements.

ATS Quality Control Technician dumping hot mix asphalt into gyratory mold

Asphalt Production Quality Control

Quality Control during asphalt production includes:

  • Properly collecting samples from the trucks immediately following load-out
  •  Monitoring actual mix temperatures at the plant
  • Verifying liquid asphalt content
  • Identifying volumetric properties of compacted asphalt specimens and the specific gravity of the asphalt mix
  • Calculating the gradation of the mix

Asphalt Paving Quality Control

Quality Control during asphalt paving includes:

  • Verifying proper rolling patterns are employed
  • Monitoring mix temperatures at the roadway
  • Monitoring temperatures of the asphalt mat
  • Calculating tack, dilution and spread rates
  • Checking density after asphalt paver lays the asphalt mix and after each roller passes
  • Cutting core samples to check for actual density results
  • Ensuring acceptable quality practices are followed
Roadway Specialist Checking Density on Asphalt Pavement
ATS Lab Technician Quality Assurance measuring sieve openings

We've Got your Asphalt Quality Assurance Covered

Quality Assurance is the continued evaluation of planning, design and the development of plans and specifications to provide confidence that the product or facility will perform to standards.  This is provided through an unbiased, independent review of all operations, procedures and equipment used in the asphalt quality control process.  This is achieved by:

  • Observing and inspecting procedures during production and placement
  • Split sample testing
  • Evaluating performance and qualifications of the technicians
  • Verifying equipment is calibrated and in proper working condition
  • Conducting project oversight
  • Reviewing reports and results for accuracy per the project’s requirements

Our Process

We’ve been helping asphalt contractors and producers with asphalt quality control for years. We’ve perfected our process to ensure working with us is a seamless, transparent process. Here’s what to expect when you work with us for asphalt quality control.

1. Initial Consultation
When you contact us for asphalt quality control, you’ll speak with our Director of Operations or Quality Assurance Lab Manager to discuss the job and project needs. If you’re bidding for a government job that requires a quality control team, we’ll discuss what is needed to help you complete your bid.

2. Proposal
Once we fully understand the job requirements, we’ll present a detailed proposal that outlines the work and corresponding costs.

3. Schedule Work
Upon approval of the proposal we’ll schedule your project. This includes scheduling quality control technicians to be on site (at your plant or on the roadway) or scheduling logistics for material to be delivered to our labs.

4. Reporting
Detailed reports of daily work will be provided for your records.



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