Asphalt Performance Testing

Performance testing services are a crucial part of the asphalt QC/QA process, ensuring the produced mix and finished pavement meets the standards for durability and performance. It includes a variety of tests to evaluate different characteristics predicting how the mixture will behave under specific conditions. Performance testing is useful in the product development stage of asphalt additives and modifiers, so the suppliers can provide the best product to the contractors to solve the issue at hand. This information also helps the mix producers understand how different variables can create the most economic and sustainable mixture.

Predicting the Future Performance of an Asphalt Mix

Performance testing allows a peek into the future of a pavement’s performance. A key characteristic of a performance test is its ability to correlate with observed field performance. Performance testing also allows for mix design optimization. Some of the performance tests we offer are listed below.

AASHTO T 283 Tensile Strength Ratio (Moisture Susceptibility)
AASHTO T 324 Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test 
AASHTO T 340 Asphalt Pavement Analyzer, APA
AASHTO T 393 Intermediate Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) – I-FIT
AASHTO T 401 Cantabro Mass Loss
AASHTO TP 114 FM 5-599 Shear Bond Strength Testing
ASTM D6931 Indirect Tensile Strength (IDT)
ASTM D8044 Intermediate Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) – LSU
ASTM D8225 IDEAL-CT – CT Index
ASTM D8360 IDEAL-RT – RT Index
FAA P-401 Asphalt Pavement Analyzer, APA (250lb / 250psi)

Our Process

We’ve been helping asphalt contractors, agencies, additive producers, engineers and others with asphalt performance testing for years. We’ve perfected our process to ensure working with us is a seamless, transparent process. Here’s what to expect when you work with us regarding asphalt performance testing.

1. Initial Consultation
When you contact us for asphalt performance testing, you’ll speak with our Director of Engineering to discuss the job and project needs including your project timeline.

2. Proposal
Once we fully understand the job requirements, we’ll present a detailed proposal that outlines the work and corresponding costs.

3. Schedule Work
Upon approval of the proposal we’ll schedule your project.

4. Reporting
Detailed reports of daily work will be provided for your records.

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