Women of Asphalt 20 to Watch in 2020 Announced – ATS Pavement Materials Engineer Honored!

Women of Asphalt released a press release honoring twenty women from around the country who have made a difference in the asphalt industry. Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering Pavement Materials Engineer Tanya Nash was named as one of the honorees due to her contributions to and successes in the industry. She is a professional engineer licensed in Alabama and Florida and also a certified FDOT Construction Training and Qualification Program Instructor. She has volunteered her time serving on many local, state and national committees.

Her participation and contributions in these committees and research projects has expanded her knowledge in asphalt properties and characteristics nationwide.  Exposure to international specifications and test methods led Tanya to experience the vast uses and challenges of asphalt pavements and products worldwide.  Tanya is well-respected by her peers and a dependable source for technical advice and guidance.

As a member of two workforce development committees, Tanya is dedicated to educating and developing the next generation of industry professionals.  She has been invited to speak at numerous universities as a guest lecturer, she has helped local students with their science projects, and she has toured many students through the ATS labs, teaching them about different materials and the methods we use to test them. 

Tanya has shared her expertise with professionals as well as through publications and presentations.  She has written and co-authored a dozen publications over the past decade, and she has given countless presentations at industry conferences, meetings and expos.  She volunteers her time to present to local associations and engineering firms as well as hosts these groups at the ATS labs. Tanya’s willingness and desire to share her knowledge makes her a role model and inspiration to women (and men) in the industry.  She enjoys the partnership and collaboration between peers to continually find new and creative ways to advance the industry.  She is a cheerleader for her colleagues and offers whatever she can to help them achieve and shine in their roles.  It takes time and patience to teach others and help them grow, but Tanya is always willing to make time to educate and explain.

In her role, Tanya takes a proactive approach to challenge industry norms and trends.  ATS Jacksonville is a research lab and in addition to managing her clients’ projects, Tanya leads her team in internal studies where she can test her theories and find answers to innovative questions.  While currently building her data collection, she plans to share her findings at industry conferences once the projects are complete.

(from Women of Asphalt’ Media Release, June 30, 2020) ORANGE PARK, Florida – Once again Women of Asphalt (WofA) is shining a spotlight on the ladies of our industry. A call to action was sent out this year for the WofA 20 to Watch in 2020 campaign. An overwhelming number of nominations were received for women who exemplify the values, mission and goals of WofA. The twenty ladies selected are industry game changes. They are in leadership positions, influencers, thought leaders and even newcomers to the asphalt industry. All the winning nominees have demonstrated success in the asphalt industry, affected positive change, served as a mentor and given back to their communities. Asphalt Pavement magazine will be featuring these women in the July/August issue and WofA will be featuring one lady each day on their social media platforms and the WofA website at www.womenofasphalt.org.

To view a full listing of honorees, visit https://www.womenofasphalt.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54:wofa-20-to-watch-in-2020-announced&catid=23:latest-news.

Founded in 2017, WofA, a 501(c)(6) organization, works to foster and promote mentoring and networking opportunities for women in all facets of the asphalt industry, to create professional development opportunities for women in asphalt through education and training, to advocate for women in the asphalt industry and to encourage other women to join the asphalt industry. In addition to traditional of director duties, each board member is responsible for leading a national working group and furthering mission-focused initiatives. For more information about Women of Asphalt, www.womenofasphalt.com, [email protected].

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Women of Asphalt (www.womenofasphalt.org) is a national coalition supporting women in all aspects of the asphalt industry through mentoring, education, and advocacy, and by encouraging women to seek careers in the asphalt industry.