AASHTO Accreditation – It’s Official!

AASHTO Accreditation Certificate

We survived our virtual audit with AASHTO re:source! Due to restrictions in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic, AASHTO re:source is allowing laboratories to complete their assessments remotely using live video technology. This is a temporary adjustment and live assessments may resume sometime in the future.

The remote assessment used a combination of desktop auditing, online web conferencing and video streaming to obtain evidence of compliance to quality management system and testing standards. We started the process by submitting the required documents, then scheduled our remote assessment. We completed a dry-run with our assessor to endure our audio and video quality was acceptable before the actual audit.

With our technology working sufficiently to move forward, our assessor created an agenda for the test procedures and equipment checking to be completed over the next three days. Our laboratory personnel completed a total of 43 tests for asphalt binder, asphalt mixture and aggregate. Following the demonstrations, our assessor addressed our team and provided a preliminary written report of his observations.

This virtual audit was completed by the end of July, and with the help of the AASHTO re:source reviewers we were able to address the auditor’s observations. As of this October we received word that we officially passed our assessment! An AASHTO re:source representative will visit our lab in two years to conduct an in-person assessment, but we were pleased with the efficiency and ease of performing our demonstration in a virtual setting; a necessity these days to keep business moving.