Fasten Your Seatbelts and Hit the Road with ATS Jacksonville!

Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering is hosting an on-going webinar series starting in September 2020. Online learning and engagement are part of the new normal, and the ATS team will provide their knowledge and expertise as they team up with other industry professionals around the country. The Road Trip will take three different journeys: ROAD TO PERFORMANCE | IN THE LAB | BASELINE SERIES

** During some of the sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to join the conversation with the speakers.

Picture of sweeper on asphalt road

ROAD TO PERFORMANCE | This series is intended to take participants through the exciting adventure of mixture performance. Pavement performance is like the tech industry; once you lose touch, it is hard to stay ahead of the curve, or even worse, catch up! Typically people stay connected and gain insights to industry updates through in-person interaction at various meetings. With virtual platforms being adopted as the new way to conduct meetings, that interaction is lost. Through this virtual road trip ATS Jacksonville team members will present different sessions with a group of industry experts to help keep attendees updated.

ATS Jacksonville DSR asphalt binder test

IN THE LAB | This series is intended to take the participant through different aspects of the testing and material management of an asphalt lab. The sessions will highlight the importance of not just producing numbers, but producing numbers that are reliable, repeatable and reproducible. Join ATS on a trip through some important concepts that are necessary for a testing lab to support the production and performance of the asphalt mix.

ATS on jobsite with asphalt paver

BASELINE SERIES | Go back to your asphalt roots with the baseline series. Let’s take a step back and review the basic building blocks of plant operations and construction processes. ATS takes you on an adventure that includes looking at effective habits of successful producers, the basics of equipment operations and troubleshooting an issue like segregation. ATS teams up industry and manufacturing experts to talk through the finer points of some of the basics we may have forgotten over the years. Perfect for anyone new or seasoned in the industry!

The ATS team takes pride in educating its clients and fellow industry members as well as providing them with industry updates and the latest hot topic information. These webinar series are ways to get information to our network in a unique and creative way.

For a full list of sessions and descriptions, visit our Virtual Road Trip page.