CMEC Accreditation Renewed

Each year the ATS labs must complete their annual accreditation by CMEC to ensure our testing is performed to the highest standards in the industry. On March 21st, an inspector from CMEC visited the ATS labs to assess the procedures and equipment used to perform materials testing. The assessment is based on AASHTO and ASTM standard methods of testing; our labs also include Florida Methods. (During the assessment if any nonconformities are identified, the labs must correct these nonconformities with evidence of the corrections.)

In addition all lab technicians completed (and passed) proficiency tests performing all test methods for which the ATS Labs are seeking accreditation. Lab Manager Rhonda Hale was pleased with the labs’ results. “The CMEC inspector was greatly impressed with all the organizational improvements and the cleanliness of our labs that we demonstrated! She commented that our techs were knowledgeable and very accomplished in the test method procedures and had nothing but praise for all we have done.”

It is imperative to know the lab’s level of technical competency when you choose one for your service needs. This minimizes risk and lowers the chances of retesting (which can be quite expensive). An easy way to ensure the highest quality service and results is to seek out an accredited lab. To earn accreditation labs must be tested and/or evaluated on the following criteria which directly relates to its technical competency level: the qualifications, training and experience of the staff, the correctly calibrated and maintained criteria, satisfactory quality control and quality assurance procedures, appropriate testing, sampling and inspection practices, accurate recording and reporting of data and the appropriate testing environment.