ATS Hosts Lunch & Learn for APWA Expo Attendees

The annual Florida Chapter American Public Works Association (APWA) Expo Week kicked off Monday, April 17th with a Lunch & Learn hosted by ATS. Attendees toured Duval Asphalt’s plant along with the ATS Quality Control, Performance Testing and Binder labs. The group enjoyed a behind the scenes look at how asphalt is made and the various tests it is put through. These tests ensure safe, high-quality mix is sent to the roadway for paving. Attendees were also introduced to tests used to predict future performance of asphalt pavements as well as those used in forensic analysis of failing pavements.

Following the tour ATS Director of Engineering, Tanya Nash, presented “Using Asphalt Modifiers to Enhance Pavement Performance.” As technologies continue to develop and progress, how do transportation personnel know what’s available on the market and how each option works? Available modifiers are performance driven and fall into the following categories: chemical (anti-strips, warm mix), rejuvenators (crude oil, corn oil), recycled (ground tire rubber), polymers (latex, elastomers) and mixture (fibers, lime).

Her presentation stressed that roads are a capital investment, and we must take a proactive approach to protect this asset.  Applying the correct modifier in the appropriate scenario can help enhance pavement performance as well as extend the longevity of your roads.

The event granted attendees 0.2 CEUs.

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