Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering Announces Employee Promotions

The team at ATS Jacksonville recently shifted its organizational structure to better serve its customers and streamline processes. Dawson Padgett, John Holton and Derek Bennett have all accepted new positions in the organization.

Dawson Padgett has been promoted to Asphalt Performance Lab Manager. In his new role, he will continue to manage and analyze projects. He will also manager the asphalt performance testing lab technicians. He is responsible for quality assurance in the lab keeping equipment calibrated and inventory managed. Dawson is the point of contact for customers working with the asphalt performance lab.

John Holton is the Asphalt Quality Assurance Lab Manager and will manage all asphalt quality control responsibilities in the accredited asphalt lab required for the asphalt quality control lab to function properly. He will manager the asphalt quality control technicians and equipment, he is responsible for all reporting, laboratory accreditation and personnel CTQP certifications. John’s experience in the industry working for the Florida DOT and in numerous positions such as verification technician and coordinator, asphalt quality control technician, independent verification coordinator and bituminous product coordinator will prove valuable in his new role.

Derek Bennett has worked for ATS Jacksonville since its inception and has been promoted to the Asphalt Quality Assurance Roadway Manager. He is the point of contact on each paving project and is responsible for managing the asphalt roadway technicians, roadway reports and equipment.