Asphalt Pavement Preservation Presentations Popular in Florida

Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering (ATS) recently reached out to numerous organizations across the state of Florida to offer complimentary education classes on hot topics in the asphalt industry.  The overwhelming response requested more information regarding Pavement Preservation techniques.  While the Florida DOT does not own any preservation treatments specifications, they have partnered with the Florida Pavement Preservation Council (FPPC) to educate on and promote the proper use of pavement preservation treatments.  Steve McReynolds, ATS Director of Operations and Tanya Nash, ATS Pavement Materials Engineer complied this information along with best practices to present to the interested parties.

Tanya Nash, P.E. presents to the Central Florida ASHE group.

Over time, weather and traffic begin to cause distress to our roads.  In order to economically extend pavement life and delay the need for time-consuming and costly rehabilitation, pavement preservation programs and have been implemented across the country.  It is a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to maintain our roads’ integrity and longevity.  The pavement preservation concept applies regular minor treatments while the road is minimally distressed at a far lower cost than one major rehabilitation or reconstruction.  Roads are a capital investment and we must take a proactive approach to protect this asset; it’s beneficial to maintain their protective layer before significant structural damage has to be repaired.  Pavement preservation is simply applying the right treatment to the right place at the right time. 

Based on the type of pavement distress, different treatments can be applied.  Common pavement distresses include cracking, distortion, disintegration and skidding hazards.  A typical pavement lifecycle deterioration curve illustrates which treatments can be used at different times to preserve it before it hits the point of accelerated and costly deterioration. 

Tanya kicked off the tour during the week of September 16th.  She visited the Universal Engineering office in Orlando, then presented to the ASHE Central Florida group the next day.  The Universal team found the presentation “very educational” while the ASHE group gave “great feedback.”  Steve is scheduled to present to the APWA Suncoast branch on Wednesday, October 23rd, and the duo has more presentations scheduled into the first half of 2020.

For more information regarding available classes or to schedule a class visit our Education page.