ATS Asphalt Binder Lab Open House Connects Industry Representatives from Around the Country

The team members at ATS wanted to unveil their new asphalt binder testing lab in front of their friends and family, and they did just that on Thursday, February 17th.  Over 100 guests from around the country traveled to Jacksonville, Florida, to see the new binder lab, tour the Duval Asphalt plant and ATS QC and Performance Testing labs, listen to live music courtesy of Caleb Joye, smoke a cigar (thank you, Aromas!), drink some bourbon and indulge in local cuisine from Riverside Liquors and The Restaurant and enjoy each other’s company. Many participated in friendly competition in the form of corn hole (on custom made boards from Mystic Cornhole Company), sumo wrestling and human hamster ball racing from Backyard Carnivals.

ATS was humbled by the support of so many industry professionals and its sponsors:

Blacklidge | Cargill | Ingevity | Instrotek – HMA Lab Supply | LASTRADA Partners | WEM Automation

“Thank you for the hospitality! You have a wonderful team and a first class organization. Really enjoyed the tour…..both times!” – Sean McCaffrey, LASTRADA Partners

Connecting industry professionals through this event was a victory for the ATS team as well. Promoting the asphalt industry and those working in it is always a priority. “Your Open House was a real pleasure to attend.  The Duval Asphalt and ATS people I met on the tour and lab open house were all really awesome:  super friendly, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to interact with.  I also had a lot of great conversations at the open house with people who are really engaged, not just in promoting their own businesses, but in promoting our whole asphalt industry.   Very cool to see the leadership role you have taken to bring all these industry enthusiasts together.” – Everett Crews, Ingevity

The event was a success, and the asphalt binder testing lab is now officially open. By offering these additional services, ATS hopes to satisfy a need in the marketplace as well as expand its market reach. Some of the services now offered include:

  • Performance Grade Verification (AASHTO M 320 & M 332)
  • Penetration / Viscosity
  • Polymer Separation (Cigar Tube Test)
  • FAA P-632 Bituminous Pavement Rejuvenation
  • Centrifuge Extraction (ASTM D2172)
  • Auto Extraction (ASTM D8159)
  • Asphalt Blending & Testing
  • Ductility / Elastic Recovery

For more information about the ATS Asphalt Binder Lab or other services offered by ATS, visit the Services page on the website or email us at [email protected].

*Photos by Specialized Photography, LLC.