FC-5 – Prevent and Overcome Common Challenges During Paving & Production

Warmer weather is upon us here in Florida, and you know what they say in the spring – “in like a lion, out like a lamb,” or “April showers bring May flowers,” and “when temps get high, time to pave with FC-5!” Okay, we made up the last one, but it’s true! According to the Florida Department of Transportation Road & Bridge Construction specifications, a minimum of 65oF ambient air temperature is required to pave FC-5 (there are two exceptions to this requirement). Plus when compared to dense graded mixtures, production of and paving with FC-5 can be a different animal all together!

We worked in collaboration with Duval Asphalt to highlight the best practices of producing and paving with FC-5. We can all agree, there are a few common issues we struggle with when working with this mix. Watch our short video to learn how to prevent and overcome these issues.

Best wishes for a successful spring and summer paving season!