Frequently Asked Questions

The team of professionals at ATS includes CMEC certified technicians using CMEC certified and calibrated equipment.  We perform the Bituminous Testing & Services listed here as well as:

  • Pavement Evaluation & Asphalt Inspection
  • RAP & RAS Analysis
  • Balanced Mix Designs
  • Consensus Properties of Mineral Aggregates
  • Source Properties of Mineral Aggregates
  • Release Agents Testing (NTPEP and State Requirements)
  • Liquid Anti-Strips Testing
  • Referee Testing

If this is a job with asphalt specifications requirements, then the specified procedure for failures will be followed.

If testing is performed for product approval, research or other with specified test limits, the test will be re-run by a new technician on a different piece of equipment by a different manufacturer where possible.  If the test continues to fail, you will be notified with all results and discussion.

For customers who are not linked to a contracted project, the turn-around times will be discussed and specified on the quote of services prior to starting.

Yes. Client samples can be stored at an ATS laboratory for an agreed upon time frame.

While there are numerous reasons for cracked asphalt our experts can diagnose the situation and recommend appropriate solutions. Generally speaking, listed below are the most common reasons for cracking:

  • Improper asphalt thickness
  • Improper base thickness
  • Deterioration from lack of maintenance
  • Weakened paver seams
  • Non-load bearing subgrade

One easy way to check the amount of asphalt used is to core the project after it is completed. This will show the thickness of the lifts that were placed.  You can also request truck tickets that include the tonnage from each load throughout the duration of the project.

Another way is to hire an Asphalt Paving Level 2 technician to calculate the spread rates throughout the course of the job.  The professionals at ATS offer these services to help ensure quality assurance on your project.

A design meeting the requirements of your project specifications can be created using your materials.  If for the FDOT, the mix design will be submitted into MAC and you will be notified as the design gets approved.  For private designs we will send you the design directly.

The approval process is different depending on your product; whether it’s an anti-strip, fiber, chemical, asphalt rejuvenator, etc.  Contact us, and our Pavement Materials Engineer can help guide you through the process.