ATS Welcomes New Employee!

Swathi Theeda Asphalt Binder Engineer

The team at ATS welcomes its newest employee! Swathi Mayi Theeda has joined the team as the Asphalt Binder Engineer. She is responsible for overseeing and developing the new, fully accredited ATS Binder Lab opening this fall.

Swathi is also responsible for consulting with clients and prospects to provide critically thought-out solutions while identifying possible growth opportunities. She will also lead research and development of new and existing asphalt products.  She brings experience in this area from her previous role as R&D Engineer at Blacklidge Emulsions in Mississippi.

Swathi received her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras with a primary focus on cement concrete materials. She earned her master’s degree in civil engineering from Texas A&M University with a focus on construction materials, specifically asphalt materials. When she’s not working with asphalt, you can find her doing CrossFit or hiking in one of the country’s national parks!