Case Study – Helping HOAs Assess Their Cracked Asphalt

(Watch our animated video featuring common pavement distresses!)


When it comes to cracked asphalt how do you know when your roads need a few repairs versus a complete remove and replace (repave)? Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering visited a housing community in Ormond Beach, Florida, to address the Homeowners Association concern of its roads. After a visual asphalt inspection was completed, block cracking was found throughout the roadways. The ATS team learned the roads were originally paved around 1998, so the pavement was at the end of its life cycle.

Project Images (Block Cracking):


Because of the severe cracking, conditions were now optimal for water to infiltrate the cracks, leading to pot holes and/or base failures. Fortunately the curb and drainage remained in good condition. With these factors ATS advised the client to mill and resurface the roads. It was advised milling depth and asphalt mixture placement (to include type of mixture and estimated quantity) be determined by an independent firm.

The client requested ATS perform the necessary actions to fulfill this recommendation.

Pavement Coring Evaluation:

A total of 14,927 sq. yards was measured. Four asphalt cores were taken, and the average pavement thickness was measured per ASTM D3549 is shown as follows:

Core Locations Test Method Average Thickness, in.
Location #1 ASTM D3549 1.00
Location #2 ASTM D3549 1.00
Location #3 ASTM D3549 1.75
Location #4 ASTM D3549 1.25


Mill and Replace Recommendation:

  • Milling Depth: 1.75″ on street encompassing Location #3; 1.25″ for other streets – match existing slope
  • Base Treatment: Proof Roll Base
  • Mixture: Superpave 9.5mm
  • Quantity of Mix: 14,927 sq. yards
These roads were 20 years old when our ATS team members completed the asphalt inspection.  While the entire neighborhood needed new asphalt, they were lucky the curb and drainage remained in good condition.  Sometimes it is not necessary to remove and replace all the asphalt on a job.  Hiring an independent firm who offers asphalt consulting services is always the best way to start when you notice the condition of your asphalt is subpar.