Asphalt Quality Control

93Whether you are working on a public project (FDOT, city, county) or a private project, ATS has the experience and qualifications to guarantee the asphalt produced and installed will meet or exceed the quality and dependability expected by the customer.

  • Asphalt Manufacturing Quality Control (QC)

    ATS technicians will test the asphalt as it is being produced to insure that the end product meets state or customer specifications. This process may include:

    • Properly collecting samples from the trucks immediately following load-out
    • Monitoring actual mixing temperatures of the plant
    • Verifying liquid asphalt content
    • Identifying Volumetric Properties of compacted asphalt specimens and the specific gravity of the asphalt mix
  • Asphalt Installation Quality Control

    During construction, ATS technicians run testing on asphalt as it is being placed in the field. This process often includes:

    • Verifying proper roller patterns are being employed
    • Monitoring roadway temperatures
    • Calculating tack, dilution and lay down rates
    • Checking density after asphalt paver lays the asphalt mix and after each roller passes
    • Cutting core samples to check for actual density results
    • Ensuring acceptable quality practices are being followed

    ATS employs our mobile lab to test samples immediately in the field, improving efficiency and minimizing liability and waste.

Both the laboratory and field-testing are essential to ensuring the end result meets expectations and maintains a high quality.

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